Improve Memory & Cognitive Abilities, De-Stress, Relax and Rest! Enjoy Deeper, More Restful Sleep with Audio Frequencies.

 Does Listening to Sound Frequencies Really Help?  YES!  Click on the pineapples to learn how!

What Is Audio Brain Food?​

Specific sound frequency ranges (as illustrated by the pineapples above) are indeed ‘auditory brain food’ for your well being!  Sound frequency tones combined as binaural beats will get your brain on the right wavelengths to achieve better memory, stress relief, relaxation, rest and better sleep without the need to take drugs or pills!  It’s as simple and inexpensive as listening to pleasant audio tracks with  headphones, earbuds or stereo speakers…

Our brain has billions of neuron cells that communicate with each other by electric impulses in oscillations called brain waves.  Our brain waves oscillate in different frequency ranges for different reasons, such as
Gamma (for your highest level of cognition), Beta (for active thinking while awake), Alpha (for deep relaxation), Theta (restful daydreams, meditation and dreaming) and Delta (for deep, dreamless sleep).

If you suffer with brain fog, diminished memory or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or if you just want to improve your memory or study abilities and think clearly at your highest level, then the 40 Hz. Gamma frequency is ‘audio brain food’ for you!  It’s a natural auditory stimulant that will synchronize your brain to the to the same wavelength that your brain’s neurons oscillate at when you are at your highest level of cognition.  

Try all of the audio tracks in the Audio Brain Food Audio Library to see which one or ones resonate best with you. 

  • Need to Think Clearly & Remember?  The Gamma Think & Remember tracks will maximize your ability to think clearly and have better memory recall.  The Gamma Frequency audio tracks can be listened to at any time, without limitation.  Gamma frequencies are a natural auditory stimulant.                     

  • Ready to relax?  If you’re feeling over-stressed or are just ready to unwind and chill, then have a listen to the Alpha Relax tracks.  Alpha frequencies are a gentle and natural auditory sedative.                                                  
  • Want to rest, meditate or drift off into dreamland?  The Theta Rest & Dream tracks are for you!  Theta frequencies act as a natural auditory dopamine.                                                                                                                     
  • Time for deepest dreamless slumber?  The Delta Deep Sleep tracks are for you.  Delta frequencies are a gentle and natural auditory ether.               
  • I’ve also created Alpha to Delta Relax, Rest and Sleep tracks that take you on a Sound Journey from Alpha’s level of deep relaxation to Theta’s restful level of meditation and dreamland, then down to Delta’s deep, dreamless sleep

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