Sound Journey

The Alpha to Delta Relax,
Rest & Sleep Sound Journeys

Your brain’s billions of neuron cells communicate with each other in wavelengths of 100 to 0.5 cycles per second (also called Hertz or abbreviated as Hz.).  The highest frequencies of 100 to 30 Hertz  are called the Gamma range.  This is where your neurons are oscillating at the highest frequencies for memory recall, problem solving and highest cognition.

During waking hours your brain’s wavelengths are oscillating between 30 and 14 cycles per second, which is called the Beta range of frequencies.  Typically all (or most) of your 5 physical senses (touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell) are sending input to your brain, as well of course as input from your mind, with a million and one conscious and subconscious thoughts!

As you can see, the frequency cycles from 100 down to 14 happen during waking hours.  The next level down in wavelengths are the Alpha range of frequencies which are from 13 to 8 cycles per second.  And, as you can imagine, as your brain wave frequencies slow down – so do you!  The ‘Alpha zone’ as I like to call it, is where you transition from Beta’s busy mind and sensory overload, to a state of deep relaxation, and you mentally and physically wind down and chill out.

The next level down in brainwave frequencies is the Theta range of from 8 to 4 cycles per second, and that is the level of restfulness where daydreams occur.  You are in the ‘Theta zone’ just before you drift off from being awake to being asleep.  It is also the level of brain wave activity you reach during meditation.  In the Theta range of brainwave activity is also where you experience rapid eye movement (REM) dreaming.  

How low can we go?  Last stop on the brain wave frequency dial is the Delta range from 4 to only 0.5 cycles per second.  When you have reached the ‘Delta zone’ you have successfully shut down all conscious and unconscious thoughts, all voluntary physical activity, and dreaming.  Your amazing human body uses Delta’s deep, dreamless sleep for restoration on a cellular level and allows you to awaken refreshed and recharged.

The explanation above illustrates the 5 frequency ranges from full tilt highest cognition (Gamma) to deepest dreamless and restorative sleep (Delta).

In today’s crazy world, it’s almost impossible not to have stress overload.  So, I’ve created 5 different long play and extended play Alpha to Delta Relax, Rest & Sleep Sound Journeys.

These audio recordings will take you on an auditory journey from the 13 Hz. Alpha level of relaxed consciousness downward through the 8 to 4 Hz. Theta zone of restful daydreams, meditation and REM dreaming, and then all the way down to Delta’s 3.5 to 0.5 Hz level of deep and dreamless restorative sleep. 

With 5 different recordings, you have your choice of pure tones binaural beats, or binaural beats combined with the ethereal acoustic and electric guitar music of Mark Barnwell.  Or, choose audio tracks of Shetland Islands waves, or the sounds of a trickling stream coupled with gentle binaural beats.

The Audio Brain Food Library includes all of these 5 audio tracks which are just a fraction of the 30 long play and extended play audio tracks included, totaling more than 20 hours of audio.  

Also included are the collections of my therapeutic audio tracks in the frequency ranges of Gamma (for maximum cognition, problem solving and clarity of mind), Alpha (for deep relaxation, chilling out and winding down), plus Theta (for rest, daydreaming, meditation, and REM rapid eye movement sleep), and Delta for restful and restorative dreamless sleep.

You may think that such an extensive audio collection might be really pricey, but I’ve decided instead to offer it by donation – in the amount of your choice!   So, for as little as a tenner you can download or stream all of the audio tracks in the Audio Brain Food Library, FOREVER!

To get lifetime access to the Audio Brain Food Library now, simply click here or use the secure Donorbox form on this page.