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Memory Loss in Seniors

How many seniors have memory issues?  According to Professor Gary Small, About 40% of people aged 65 or older have age- associated memory impairment—in the United States, that’s about 16 million people. Wow!  If you’re 65+ like me, 40% seems like a big percentage.  And, who wouldn’t like to think and remember better, solve problems more easily and have maximum cognition?

Professor Small’s article, What We Need to Know about Memory Loss, was published in the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (US), and it’s worth a read for sure!  Plus, there’s a simple self-test included to see if you are one of the 40% who suffer with memory loss.

I’ve found a simple and effective hack to help maximize cognition and regain mental focus.  It’s as simple as listening to pure sine tone, or binaural beats within the Gamma frequency range.  This is NOT pseudoscience or some new age hocus pocus either.  It really works – without drugs, pills or potions, and it’s not expensive!  

Just listen!!  How simple is that?  If you choose to listen to the Gamma frequencies with binaural beats, you’ll just need earbuds or headphones, or stereo speakers.  If your choice is to hear the Gamma frequency in pure sine tone, you’ll need to first make sure that your speaker will reproduce frequencies as low as 40 Hertz (cycles per second).  There’s more info at the Audio Brain Food website about the benefits of Gamma Frequencies.   

And, guess what?  This amazing sound hack is not just for forgetful seniors, it works for everybody, regardless of age!  The Colorado State University Global website advises their students that listening to binaural beats in the right frequency range will increase cognition.  In their blog article, they quote, “According to Psychology Today, binaural beats can also be used to improve memory (both long-term and working memory) as well as help to strengthen your brain’s neurological connections.”

NOTE: Binaural beats are not recommended for individuals prone to audio-triggered epilepsy.