ALPHA Relax & Unwind

The Alpha Frequencies are Stress Busters!

Stress is BAD!  It can cause confusion, anxiety and forgetfulness.  It can also cause us to gain weight and  prevent us from getting a restful night’s sleep. 

Got headphones?  De-stress, relax and slow down your busy mind.  By simply listening to the same frequencies that your brain’s neuron cells communicate with, you can easily synchronize your brainwaves to enter a state of relaxation. defines sound frequencies combined in binaural beats as digital drugs!  Listening to the Alpha frequencies is truly like an auditory cup of hot cocoa for your brain!  

Getting your brain synchronized to the Alpha range of frequencies is easy!!  5 different Alpha Frequency audio tracks utilizing tones have been blended to create binaural beats at that frequency range.  Some of my Alpha Frequency audio tracks are blended with the acoustic and electric guitar music of Mark Barnwell, while others are blended with nature sounds such as waves, forest, stream and babbling brook.

The short video on this page will explain in more detail and allow you to sample the Alpha Frequency range of 14 – 8 Hz. (cycles per second).

The Audio Brain Food Library includes 5 tracks in the Alpha Frequency and are just a fraction of the 30 long play and extended play audio tracks totaling more than 20 hours of audio.  

The entire audio collection is offered by donation – in the amount of your choice!   For as little as a fiver you can download or stream all of the audio tracks FOREVER! 

To gain lifetime access to the Audio Brain Food Library now, simply click here or use the secure Donorbox form on this page.

Also included in the library are collections of my audio tracks in the frequency ranges of Gamma (for maximum cognition, problem solving and clarity of mind), Theta (for rest, daydreaming, meditation, and REM rapid eye movement sleep), plus Delta for restful and restorative dreamless sleep.

And, as an added bonus, 5 Alpha to Delta long play + extended play audio sound journeys are included!  They will take you on an audio journey from Alpha’s relaxed level of consciousness, to Theta’s restful bliss of daydreams or REM dreams and then on down to Delta’s level of deep and restorative dreamless sleep.

As the Audio Brain Food Library grows, you’ll also have access to download or stream the new tracks as well!  

Sound frequencies synchronize your brain to the right wavelengths for clearer thinking, better memory recall, relaxation, rest and better, deeper sleep.  Binaural beats are not pseudoscience or some new age hocus-pocus.

For lifetime access to the Audio Brain Food Library now, simply click here or use the secure Donorbox form on this page.