provides insights and sound bytes of the Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta & Delta brain wave frequencies plus free audio tones and music to “get your brain on the same wavelength” for clearing brain fog, improved memory & cognition for studies, stress relief, relaxation, meditation, dreams and deep and restful dreamless sleep.

Stephan LaCount, Therapeutic Sound Practitioner, is the driving force behind and the Audio Brain Food Audio Library. His keen interest and years of study into the physiology of sound and how specific tones & frequencies impact the our brain for improved memory retention, clarity of thought, stress relief, relaxation, and deep restful sleep led him to create the Audio Brain Food Library, with 20+ hours of audio brain food tracks.

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There’s never been a more important time for all of us to do what we can to maximize our own health and well being. By simply listening to audio recordings of lovely music or sounds of nature, combined with specific tones and frequencies – you can and will achieve better health and well being!